Rambagh,Macha Swami Ashram Road Bihta, Patna

(Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Up to Class 10+2)
(Affiliation No-330614)

About Us

K.P.S Memorial High School is a unique English medium co-educational public school which has been founded in the memory and honour of a dedicated educational,great social activist and freedom fighter Late Kamta Prasad Sharma it is goverment by a Board of Directors comprising of eminent educationists and V.I.Ps of Bihta township. It is an enterprising educational insititution set up to achieve execellence in both educational and corresponding activities K.P.S is committed towards grooming and fortifying the students with latest knowledgr,creativity,leadership and morality. We want that education by which character is formaed,strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet."



The establishment of K.P.S. solely aims at harmonious developement and moral powers with emphasis on character building and holistic growth of a versatile and integrated personality under CCE curriculum launched by C.B.S.E.

The School aims at making children aware of their culture, exploreing their inherent qualities and promoting high ideas of nationalism in them.It is determined to do everything possible for all round developement of students through discipline and moral values without distinction of caste, creed and sex. Our mission is to provide child centered promatic education for their mental, physical and emotional growth there by developement by social and communicational skill.


The school follows the C.B.S.E curriculum based on CCE as laid down by the board.Medium of instruction in all subjects except Hindi and Sanskrit is English and proper care is taken to develop speaking skill amoung students.

school pays great emphasis on Hindi as well. To impart good and impressive education the school has a team of highly qualified, trained, experienced and dedicated teachers.

The school is conducted under the supervision of the Director. The medium of instruction is English, Hindi, the National language is compulsory and taught daily in all the classes. The other subjects taught, besides English and Hindi, are mathematics. Science and Environmental Science, Computer Studies, History, Geography, Civics, Sanskrit, Economics, etc.


Al students are expected to maintain a high standard of dicipline in and outside the school strict regularity and punchuality, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of person and dress are expexted from all the pupils of the school.Violation of school rules and regulations may result in expulsion from scholl.Student are not_allowed to bring any kind of valuable ornament, mobile,phones, Magazines or comics.Any kind of damage to school propert will be repaired at the cost of the responsibility party.


  1. Pupils must be present in School before the Assembly commences.
  2. All pupils must be present in School on the first and last day of each term. Parents’ co-operation is essential in this matter.
  3. Irregular attendance may lead to dismissal of pupil.
  4. A student could be suspended for a fortnight for truancy or bunking classes.
  5. No pupil may leave the school premises except by special permission from the principal. If found doing otherwise, he/she could be suspended for a fornight or more
  6. A student have at least a minimum 80 % class days attendance per term/academic year, failing which the student may be detained in the same class. However the minimum requirement may be reduced at the discretion of director / Principal to 70% subject to some valid reason viz. prolonged illness of the student of bereavement in the family. For this proven records would have to be produced, before consideration.
    Attendance below 70% will not be considered at any cost in which case a student may be detained  or withdrawn. REPORTING TIME
    As per schedule of the school children should not come to school 30 minutes before the assembly bell. Further, once the children come into the campus of their respective buildings, then they should not leave the compound. Children found doing so would be violating the rule and for this they would be suspended from their classes as per discretion of the Principal.